Stay Cable Strands

Designed to be maintenance-free.

DYWIDAG multistrand Stay Cables use strands as the main tensile element that meet the requirements of fib and PTI-Recommendations for stay cables, ASTM, BS as well as other national or international standards.

Strands are anchored with specially treated 3-part wedges and with wedge teeth penetrating directly into strands wires,. Wedges are characterized by high fatigue resistance.

Specially designed wedges for use with Epoxy Coated Strand are available, too. Here, wedge teeth penetrate through the epoxy coating so that they grip into the wires of the strand. Cold-drawn 7-wire strand is coated with epoxy resin in the shop. An additional PE sheathing on top of the epoxy coating is possible, protecting strands from damage during handling and on-site installation

Galvanized Stay Cable Strand

  • 7 cold-drawn galvanized wires

  • PE-sheathed with minimum thickness of > 1.5mm in accordance with fib Bulletin 89

  • Low relaxation strand

  • Wax as a void filler for the interstices between wires and PE sheathing

  • Diameters up to 0.62" and steel grades up to 1,860 MPa

Epoxy Coated Strand

  • High standards: Manufactured in compliance with ISO 14655:1999 or ASTM A882

  • High fatigue capabilities: Fatigue tests conducted on single strand tendons have proven a dynamic stress range of up to 260N/mm2 (upper stress 0.45 GUTS at 2 million load cycles).

  • Robust long-time corrosion protection


Ultra High Tensile Strands available on special request

  • Strands in accordance with fib and PTI Recommendations for stay cables, ASTM, BS etc.

  • Epoxy coated strand manufactured in compliance with ISO 14655:1999 or ASTM A882

  • German Strand Approval

Commercial & Residential Buildings