Strand Tendons for a Large Road Construction Project

Currently, 93% of all goods of São Paulo are transported on the roads, which regularly causes up to 200km long traffic jams.


With approximately 20 million inhabitants in its metropolitan area, São Paulo is the largest city in Brazil and the country’s most important economic and financial center. To relieve the city area from traffic flowing through the city, the 177km long Rodoanel Mario Covas is currently under construction.

The road that is also known as São Paulo Metropolitan Ring Road is one of the largest construction projects in Latin America and will be connected to the 10 motorways that lead into São Paulo.

The fourth section of the ring road, the Rodoanel Norte, is divided into 6 lots. Lot 1 is carried out by the Joint Venture Mendes Júnior-Isolux Corsán, the General Contractor OAS is building Lots 2 and 3, Acciona has been awarded the contracts for Lots 4 and 6, and the Construcap-Copasa Joint Venture is carrying out Lot 5. The two lots Acciona has been awarded the contract for have a total length of 25km.


DYWIDAG supported all 6 lots with high quality products and services. Nearly 2,000 prefabricated segments for the new bridges and viaducts were stressed using DYWIDAG’s post-tensioning systems. DYWIDAG also carried out the stressing and grouting work.

For Lot 6 that has been built by Acciona, DYWIDAG also produced and supplied its strand post-tensioning system for the prefabricated segments.

The beams were produced in a factory on the job site, and 5 Type 12-0.5" DYWIDAG Strand Post-Tensioning Tendons were installed in each segment. The strand tendons that were inserted in ducts were stressed using a jack supplied by DYWIDAG.

Due to the very limited time frame, DYWIDAG and Acciona planned all the steps necessary for a faster construction progress. Thanks to the optimized workflow, DYWIDAG successfully carried out the complete stressing and grouting work on the tendons of the 70, 40m long prefabricated beams in only 3 weeks.

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Government of the Federal State of São Paulo and DERSA – Desenvolvimento Rodoviário S.A., both Brazil

Acciona Infraestructuras S.A., Spain