Soil Nails

In-situ steel reinforcement with soil nails stabilizes slopes and cuttings

Soil nailing is a passive system for stabilizing slopes, cuttings and deep excavations where deformations are non-critical. 


  • The load transfer system in soil nails differs significantly from actively tensioned ground anchors 

  • The complete soil is consolidated by the soil nail, increasing its load-bearing capacity

Soil nails are used in

  • Embankment stabilization

  • Deep excavations

  • Slope stabilization

How soil nails work

Soil nails do not act individually, but as a complete nailing system. Their use increases the capacity of a slope or cut face by introducing in-situ steel reinforcement. 

Soil nails are installed into a passive areas of the slope to stabilize the active zone of the slope. As a result, tensile and shear forces act on the soil nail to reinforce the soil, stabilizing the slope.

Solid threadbars or self-drilling hollow bars

Solid threadbar diameters 25-32mm

Self-drilling hollow bar diameters 25-38mm

Installed in restricted access locations

Tension and shear loadings

Permanent or temporary options