Lift-Off Tests of Anchorages

Get more than your cable force from those tests

Lift-Off tests can be done either with calibrated light weight single strand jacks to pull each strand individually or with large bundle jacks to pull the full cable at once.

Depending on the stay cable system, we chose the right system, for example at a parallel wire system or at a cement grouted parallel strand system, the use of single strand jacks is not possible.

  • Evaluation of single strand force and control of uniformity of individual strand forces within one anchorage

  • Evaluation of cable forces and comparison with previous measurements

  • Calibration of or comparison with other force evaluation methods, such as cable vibration assessment, load cells, elastomagnetic sensors or strain gages


  • Possibility of re-stressing / de-stressing

  • Visual Inspection of wedges and strand withing and close to the critical wedge bite, hence detection of wire breaks within the anchorage

  • Check of cable forces prior to cable exchange

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