DYWIDAG Hydraulic Pump Supply & Rental

The versatile and lightweight mobile pump for CFRP jacks.

The POWER TEAM Pump is typically used for operating a wide variety of jacks, offering a maximum working pressure of 700 bar. When it comes to longevity and robustness, the POWER TEAM unit is unsurpassed. Due to its low weight of just 30kg, it is ideal for use on construction sites as it is easy to handle and reposition.​

The universal motor starts even with reduced voltage and is suitable for intermittent operation. The control takes place via an engine or valve remote control. Two different tank sizes are available to suit a wide range of applications.​

We offer a number of options, including the rental of jacks and accessories, as well as repair and calibration services.

  • Very light and easy to reposition, with a weight of only 30kg including the oil and convenient carrying handle​

  • Two capacities available depending on requirements, offering either a 10L or 19L tank for longer user​

  • Analogue or digital manometers are available depending on your preference​

  • High strength, offering a maximum working pressure of 700 bar​

  • Can be used with single- and double-acting cylinders​

  • Aluminium or steel jacks are available to suit all requirements​

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