Over the past three decades, the energy sector has been through a significant transition—from a reliance on fossil fuels and nuclear power to the increasing use of renewable energies, like wind and solar power.

With our experience and expertise, DYWIDAG promises to be a reliable partner for the energy sector—providing post-tensioning systems for modern, taller towers and supporting wind tower construction with foundation anchor bolts. 

We also support the rehabilitation of hydro-electric dams to meet modern safety standards, providing high-capacity anchoring systems to prevent overturning.  New criteria for assessment and higher maximum water levels impose higher demands on existing dam structures. These dams must now comply with new regulations for stability in terms of seismic requirements and long term serviceability. For reinforcing and simultaneous rehabilitation, this can be acheived with high capacity ground anchors installed from the dam crest and stressed accordingly. In addition to the strengthening of the dam, monitoring systems used to measure load capacity and structural movement are often supplied with the anchors. These monitoring systems typically provide remote monitoring via DYWIDAG's cloud based platform, Infrastructure Intelligence.

Download our Brochure about Dams here.