Construction of the Karoon III Dam

The Karoon III dam is being constructed on the Karoon river, 28 km east of the City of Izeh in the South West of Iran. After completion , the 2,000 MW capacity Karoon III dam will be the largest hydroelectric power plant in Iran.

The dam has a length of 388 m with an average thickness of 5.5 m; the total height is 191 m and the foundation width is 29 m. The construction costs for the dam have been assessed at $150 million. After completion it will be part of an agricultural irrigation system in the South West of Iran.

To anchor the trunnion beams of the radial gates to the piers, DYWIDAG supplied a total of 32 27-0.62" DYWIDAG Strand Tendons. The radial gates are located in the center of the dam about 50 m below the crest, and serve to regulate the water level of the dam in case of emergency discharges such as in floods. In addition, DYWIDAG assisted the client by supervising the installation as well as the stressing and grouting of the DYWIDAG Strand Tendons.

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SADID Industrial Group, Teheran, Iran

Association of MAHAB GHODS AND acres Int.

FARAB Hydro Mechanical Contractor, Iran