DYNA Link Anchor Box System (Saddle Solution)

Value added saddle solution.

The DYNA® Link Anchor Box System is based on a conventional steel-concrete-composite structure in which stay cables are anchored with standard DYNA Grip® anchorages outside the pylon. The DYNA® Link curved Anchor Box is economically designed using conventional steel construction standards to ensure capacity, serviceability and excellent fatigue characteristics.

The full cable force can be reliably taken at each side of the pylon. There is no limitation by a friction factor and there are no uncertainties of friction at different climaticconditions. Frictiontests and additional slip limit stage investigationswithinthestructuralcomputationare not required.

DYNA® Link Anchor Box can even be used in seismic regions where friction type saddles are not recommended. Differential forces are transferred to the concrete by shear studs in regular design, which are welded to the outer surface of the Anchor Box flanges.

  • Design: DYNA Link typically is designed according to SETRA requirements using Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Of course, DYNA Link can be designed customized to any project specific need. Testing is not required!

  • Configuration: Depending on the pylon dimensions and cable layout, a lateral or a top access opening to the anchorage inside the DYNA Link can be used.

  • Installation: Conventional (friction) saddles require double manpower and equipment during installation. The DYNA® Link Anchor Box provides full flexibility for the construction cycle, as cables may be installed alternately. With this overall construction time can be significantly reduced.

  • Durability: No guidance of strands through the pylon required. Inspection & Maintenance works on the full cable system possible.


Friction type saddle with stainless steel sleeves and epoxy coated strands available on request.

Corrosion protection resists corrosivity class C5 in accordance with ISO 12944

Commercial & Residential Buildings