Clevis Anchorage

Supports economical pylon structural design.

Architectural requirements for the design of stay cable bridges are steadily increasing. Pylons often need to be as slim and elegant as possible. The Clevis anchorage is the solution which can be connected to the structure outside of the pylon if the space inside the pylon is insufficient for common stay cable anchorages that are supported by bearing plates.

  • Design I: All anchorage components as an integral part of the clevis offer identical design parameter compared to the DYNA Grip® standard system and with this benefit from DYWIDAGs extensive testing history and experience.

  • Design II: Using numerical modelling such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA), clevis body and pin connecting to the structure gusset plate can be designed customized to any project specific need. NO testing required!

  • Restressing: Restressing of individual strands as well as the replacement of the complete strand bundle is possible.

  • Installation: The complete strand cable can be easily pre-assembled on the superstructure and is lifted into its final position afterwards. Special tools for the preassembly of the clevis as well as the mounting of the pin into the clevis hole are available on site.

  • Technical Data: Modular design principle with wide range of cable sizes

  • Full system compliance (Fatigue & Tensile, Leak Tightness) with fib Bulletin 89, PTI DC45.1-18 & Setra-CIP

  • Corrosion protection resists corrosivity class C5 in accordance with ISO 12944

Commercial & Residential Buildings