Rock Bolts support California's largest Water Project

To meet increasing water demand, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California has planned the construction of an impressive project which will nearly double Southern California's surface water storage.

The three earth and rock dams (West Dam, East Dam and Saddle Dam) will create an off-stream reservoir and pipeline to impound about 1 billion m3 of water from the Colorado River Aqueduct and from the State Water Project Aqueduct. The largest compound of this project is represented by the 2.7 km long and 87 m tall West Dam which will contain about 46 million m3 of earth and rock, whereas the smaller Saddle Dam contains about 2 million m3.

DYWIDAG Ø25 mm (48 gr60) THREADBARS® are already being used as resin rock bolts to support weak rock formations of quartzite inside the 450 m long upper adits and gallery tunnel, Slope cuts around the tunnel and the future inlet/outlet tower will be stabilized with high strength Ø 26.5 mm (1" gr 1 50) grouted DYWIDAG rock anchors. A total of about 8 km of resin rock bolts and 5.8 km of grouted rock anchors were supplied for this project.

DYWIDAG supplied the rock bolts as well as the equipment and assisted the contractor during installation.

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Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWDSC)

Joint Venture of Atkinson Construction, Washington Construction and H.B. Zachary