Manual Visual Inspection

Wedge to wedge inspection.

DYWIDAG offers a range of manual visual inspection services for cables, strands, wires, and other rope types of stay-cable structures. Regular inspections are an essential component of maintaining the structure's anchorages and dampers and can help ensure the structure’s longevity and structural integrity.

We offer highly qualified structural inspectors in accordance with DIN 1076 to inspect the anchor zones and dampers. Our inspectors use specialized tools such as endoscopes to inspect even the hard-to-reach areas of the structure. We remove caps and other covering elements as needed and professionally reinstall them after testing.

Our service includes a comprehensive inspection of the anchorages and dampers, corrosion evaluation, and identification of potential issues such as water, moisture, cracks, deformation, corrosion, and other findings. We provide a proposal of potential measures to correct detected findings. If desired, we can also provide a customized monitoring system to ensure real-time monitoring and detection of any issues that may arise in the future.

We also offer a customized monitoring system and other Destructive and Non-destructive testing methods.

  • Comprehensive visual inspection of stay-cable structures for assurance that the structure is adequately maintained, prolonging the service life

  • Qualified structural inspectors in accordance with DIN 1076

  • Capable of inspecting anchorages and dampers using endoscopes and other access technologies

  • Evaluation of corrosion condition, water/moisture, cracks, deformation, and other findings

  • Proposals for corrective measures

  • Professional installation of removed caps and covering elements after inspection

  • Experienced inspectors for cable structures

  • Customized monitoring system available

  • Other destructive and non-destructive testing methods possible

Structural inspectors in accordance with DIN 1076 and RI-EBW-PRÜF​

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