DYWIDAG Friction Stabilizers

Quick and easy axial stabilization with pre-grouted options.

DYWIDAG Friction Stabilizers are mainly used for rock reinforcement in underground applications. The quick and easy installation combined with superior performance means it is one of the most popular solutions for hard rock mining.

The shaft of the DYWIDAG Friction Stabilizer consists of a metal strip which is folded to form a slotted tube. The bolt is driven into a borehole, which has a slightly smaller diameter than the outer diameter of the bolt tube. This creates a bond between the borehole and the bolt shaft, which provides excellent frictional resistance in axial direction.

Cement cartridges are available for a pre-grouted option, which provides improved pull-out resistance and shear capacity yet with the same easy installation method.

  • Easy to handle and quick to install

  • Superior performance thanks to high axial and radial expansion forces

  • Pre-grouted options available where higher performance is required

  • Wide range of lengths available to suit many applications

  • Extensive ductility testing, with full traceability of the raw materials to support sustainability goals

  • High-quality welding and proven performance

Main standards for steel nuances

Asia: Tube length form 0,9m to 3,7m, maximum breaking capacity range [107 kN – 178 kN]​


  • Black / Hot dip galvanization available

  • Pre-grouted Friction Stabilizer: Pre-grouted Friction Stabilizers provide with inner sleeve and cement cartridge which soaked and infilled on-site easily to achieve higher performance with existing equipment and methodology of regular Friction Stabilizers. The pull-out resistance and shear capacity would be highly improved by swelled cement cartridge and could still be installed easily.

  • Deformed or combi-plate

  • Cement cartridges

  • Driver tools: Standard for Stopers/Jacklegs, Female for Stopers/Jacklegs, Threaded for Mechanized Bolters and Female Threaded for Mechanized Bolters