Tie Rods

DYWIDAG Threadbar™ systems can be adjusted with ease for use as versatile tie rods.

DYWIDAG Threadbar™ systems can transfer tensile forces and be used as tie rods. The systems can be adjusted on-site, independent of installation conditions or existing deviations or alterations.


The continuous thread on the DYWIDAG Threadbar™ means bars can be cut, anchored, and coupled at any point—and adjusted to requirements on-site. 

Tie rods are used in

  • The assembly of sheet pile harbor walls

  • Cross-linkings

  • The tie back of walls in deadman anchored structures

  • The positional stability of joint connections, corner joints, and foundations

How tie rods work

The continuous thread on the DYWIDAG Threadbar™—which allows bars to be cut, anchored, coupled at any point, and adjusted on-site—makes the system completely independent of installation conditions or existing deviations or alterations. 

Corrosion protection

Depending on requirements and steel grades, a variety of methods can be used to protect tie rods from corrosion:

  • Loss of cross-sectionial area—sacrificial corrosion

  • Galvanizing

  • Coal tar expoxy coating

  • Specialized Tape Wrapping

  • Double Corrosion Protection (DCP) for the highest protection

Different steel grades

Various corrosion protection systems are applicable

Comprehensive range of accessories for anchoring and coupling

The system can be easily, quickly and safely adjusted to on-site conditions

No limitation of installation tolerances

Prestressing for deformation minimization

Weldable bars and accessories