Our geotechnical systems stabilize the ground and support infrastructure worldwide

DYWIDAG is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of geotechnical systems with over 50 years of experience—and sector expertise.

Strength and stability

DYWIDAG geotechnical systems provide slope stabilization, support of retained structures, enable deep excavations and piled foundations.

Stressing and testing services

DYWIDAG is able to provide a range of stressing and testing services for ground anchors, soil nails and tension piles as well as a large equipment fleet which is available for hire on specialist projects.

Options for monitoring systems

Our engineers can configure smart geotechnical systems—providing asset data and infrastructure intelligence to inform timely and crucial decision-making.  We have the experience to interpret the scope of your project and ensure we meet your requirements with an appropriate and cost-effective response. 

Global coverage

With production facilities in strategic locations worldwide, and mobile production lines for major projects, we have the global coverage to service local demands. 

Adam Lowers,

Superintendent Northwest Cascade, USA

DYWIDAG has consistently adapted to the dynamic of the geotechnical industry by providing easy-to-use and innovative products.

Geotechnical foundation systems support, strengthen, reinforce, and upgrade infrastructure worldwide

DYWIDAG geotechnical foundation systems support infrastructure and buildings with pile strengthening and high-density reinforcement which can be used to upgrade or retrofit existing structures. 

Systems include GEWI® Piles, DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar Micropiles, and DYWIDAG Threadbars™.

Anchors and soil nails support earth-retaining structures and excavations

DYWIDAG's range of ground anchors includes Threadbar™ anchors, strand anchors, removable anchors and cuttable anchors for earth retaining structures—and excavation projects.

For retaining typically lower-risk structures, soil nails can be used as shoring support for excavations—as well as for slope stabilization. 

DYWIDAG's range of ground anchors includes anchors, strand anchors, and removable cuttable anchors for earth-retaining structures—and excavation projects.

Active uplift restraint for tank foundations and water treatment works

Ground anchors provide active restraint for uplift of building and structures including approach slabs for tunnels, deep basements and water treatment works. For projects that require passive restraint, engineers can also use tension piles.

Using ground anchors or tension piles in these applications reduces construction time, concrete slab thickness saving on excavation depth and the volume of concrete and reinforcement

In-situ slope stabilization with ground anchors, soil nails, and rock bolts

Soil nails and rock bolts are used extensively to stabilize slopes, with ground anchors often employed in areas of higher stress. The choice of GEWI Steel Threadbars™ and DYWI Drill Hollow Bars depends on the ground conditions and type of drilling equipment used. Soil nails provide an in-situ reinforcement within the slope, spanning the slip circle between the active zone and passive zone. 

Active or passive slope protection meshes provide added restraint and address any surface instabilities at the slope face. Drape meshes are used with rock bolts to provide rockfall protection.

Transport networks worldwide undergo constant change, wear and tear and, as a result, need ongoing expansion, development, and repair.

DYWIDAG geotechnical products are used above and below ground on rail networks, from soil nails and rock bolts to slope protection mesh and ground anchors. They are also used in the construction of new highways—and in the upgrade, strengthening, and repair of existing structures, slopes, and cuttings.