Use of Bar Anchors for a Stabilization in difficult Terrain

During the last few years, demand for living space has increased considerably in Santiago de Chile. Because of the mountainous terrain and the danger of earthquakes, the stabilization of foundations and the anchoring of slopes are important design and construction considerations.


In the popular district Lo Barnechea, demand for flats increases by approx. 3.4% per year. The foundation soil in Lo Barnechea is clayey and argilliferous and contains sand and gravel. From time to time, the water that is naturally stored in underground cavities escapes forming currents. Furthermore, high seismic activity and constant earth movements require the use of reliable and durable systems.


To stabilize a slope in a development area, DYWIDAG supplied 62 passive and permanent Ø 32mm GEWI® Bar Anchors in lengths of 8m as well as 39 permanent Ø 32mm GEWI® Bar Anchors in lengths of 10m with accessories and mesh.

Drilling was carried out using a hydraulic hammer, with drill bits having to be exchanged every 1,200m. The GEWI® Bar Anchor System with single corrosion protection supplied by DYWIDAG could be installed quickly and without any problems even in this difficult and moist soil.

For the first time, the contractor, FLESAN ANCLAJES, used high quality GEWI® Bar Anchors instead of more commonly used strand anchors or bars with low yield capacity loads. FLESAN ANCLAJES was very satisfied both with the GEWI® Bar Anchors that were supplied and with the technical support provided by experienced DYWIDAG employees on site.

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