DYWIDAG Anchors and Monitoring Solution Extends Life of French Bridge

DYWIDAG’s Geotechnic team was called in to design a solution and supply products to reinforce existing abutments of the Francazal interchange road bridge in Toulouse, France.


In 2019, DYWIDAG began work with the French engineering firm Ingerop to design a reinforcement solution for the Francazal bridge, as well as provide a monitoring solution that allows remote readings and does not require lane closures.


Our partner firm Ingerop wanted to reinforce the Francazal bridge using anchors equipped with load cells placed on the anchor head. This would be too large to fit the existing structure, so DYWIDAG’s project management team collaborated with the technical department to create a solution that decreased the size of the anchor head and accommodated the cells using technically approved DYWIDAG permanent bar systems and the DYNA®Force load sensor. The sensors track data on the residual load of the anchors and do not require lanes to be closed during measurement.

DYWIDAG supplied a total of 60 anchors at 11 meters long each (30 units per abutment), eight DYNA Force sensors (four per abutment), as well as two read-out units that run on solar power. The anchors were manufactured in DYWIDAG’s factory in accordance with the NF EN 1537 standard and in compliance with TA 95 recommendations. The anchor plates had previously been adapted to allow the cables of our DYNA Force sensors to pass through, avoiding damage during implementation.

Our technical team assisted contractor Eiffage with the installation of the DYNA Force sensors directly on site. Implementation of the sensor’s interactive platform is slated for 2022-2023.

Equipment and supplies were delivered on time.

Going Further

Choosing the DYNA Force monitoring solution provides several benefits:

  • It is extremely accurate - it is calibrated according to the casting of the anchor increasing the measurement accuracy by 5%

  • A smaller space requirement than other monitoring solutions

  • Sensors are protected from weather and external damage

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