Delivering Complex Concrete Technologies Solutions

The suite hotel complex construction project took place from 2019 to 2021 in Germany. It involved a combination of refurbishing the listed Villa Frithjof and constructing new building sections. The selected solutions included RECOSTAL® 2000 GTF, CONTEC® contaflexaktiv, Waterstop RX 101, and Preprufe products.


In the construction of a suite hotel complex in Germany, the challenge was to ensure effective and long-lasting waterproofing for various elements, including external surfaces and joints. The project required reliable products that could withstand water pressure and provide superior protection against aggressive substances.


To address the waterproofing needs of the suite hotel complex, a comprehensive solution was implemented. The chosen products included the CONTEC® contaflexaktiv system for joint sealing and Preprufe 300R for external surface waterproofing, Preprufe 800PA for element wall waterproofing.

RECOSTAL® 2000 GTF, a self-supporting unit with centrally located metal waterstop, complemented the solution and ensured structural stability and durability. The trapezoidal profile meets the requirements of Eurocode 2 for the highest classification "key-profiled". Integration with the CONTEC® contaflexaktiv system provided comprehensive waterproofing.

The Preprufe system offered reliable protection with its general building approval certificates and tested water resistance of up to 70 meters. Its easy installation process and ability to withstand aggressive substances made it an ideal choice.

This robust solution not only met the project's waterproofing requirements, but also contributed to efficient construction timelines. It provided long-term water infiltration protection, structural stability, and compliance with industry standards. The successful implementation of this comprehensive waterproofing solution demonstrates the effectiveness of the selected products in ensuring the suite hotel complex's durability and functionality.