Bars stabilize Colombia’s first Concrete Arch Bridge

Since the end of 2011, the colonial city of Girón can be reached via two new parallel arch bridges consisting of white concrete that are architectonically unique in Colombia and blend harmoniously with the historic townscape. DYWIDAG supplied the hanger bars needed for both arch bridges.


The Flandes Bridges are located in the province of Santander, north-east of Bogotá, and replace a temporary bridge over Rio de Oro that was built following the collapse of the original bridge at that location. In addition, the Flandes Bridges are an important part of the motorway connection from Girón to the province’s capital of Bucaramanga.

Both arch bridges have a clearance of 90m and each accommodates three traffic lanes and a pedestrian crossing. Due to limited space, the installation of the 36 transverse girders for the bridge structures was especially difficult. In addition, the drilling work for the pile foundation of the bridge was obstructed by large rock formations in the soil.


In total, 32 galvanized Ø 66mm, GR 150 DYWIDAG Bars in lengths of 7-20m were used as hangers for each bridge.

Included in the contract for the construction of the Flandes Bridge was the widening of the motorway to six lanes for a length of 800m in order to ensure a better connection with the province’s capital of Bucaramanga. The section was opened to traffic at the end of 2011.


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STUP de Colombia – Installation and tensioning of Threadbars