47 New Wind Towers in Aracati Windpark in a Challenging Time Period

The State of Ceará has one of the largest installed capacities of wind energy in Brazil, and its conditions are ideal for generating energy thanks to its consistently high wind velocities, which on average exceed 10m/s. To make even more use of its favorable location and conditions of the federal state, additional wind parks are being built in Ceará.

The project consists of 47 new wind towers, each of which is 120m high and supports a turbine with an output of 2.1MW, allowing the park to reach a total output of 98.7MW.

Each Wind Tower is post-tensioned with 6 Type 78 Wire EX Tendons installed inside the tower shaft.

DYWIDAG faced several challenges for installing the Wire EX tendons in towers without installed elevators while having to complete the work in a short time period. Type 78 Wire EX tendons were installed and stressed in approximately 22 towers in a period of just two months.

DYWIDAG’s experienced technicians were able to achieve a high level of installation safety and efficiency throughout the project’s construction period.

In addition to the 282 Wire EX Tendons, DYWIDAG also supplied and installed 1,128 36mm Ø, 2.3m long DYWIDAG Bars including accessories that were used on the last section of the tower to connect the concrete to the steel ring that supports the nacelle.

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