Robotic Welding of PE Cable

Welding or even exchange of parts of PE ducts with minimum disturbance.

DYWIDAG’s robotic welding technology is used to repair PE cable damage. In addition, helical fillets can be repaired or newly applied to PE cables.

Repairs on built-in, PE-sheathed cables and the retrofitting of helical fillets to reduce rain-wind-induced vibrations are highly challenging and present many logistical problems for operators and contractors. Previously, longitudinal and radial welds could only be undertaken by hand, which needed extensive scaffolding for safe access. In addition, helical fillets could not be applied until after the construction process was finished.

Our automated PE welding unit now ensures the safe implementation of these works to the highest standard. Combined with our rope access technology, it is now possible to carry out extensive repairs on sheathings and even replace parts of a cables’ PE cover. Scaffolding and other heavy access equipment is therefore not necessary. The welding processes can be monitored and documented by video, which ensures that the repairs can be controlled and evaluated at any time.

  • No scaffolding or heavy access equipment necessary, for safer and faster repairs

  • Full or semiautomatic equipment available

  • Reduced traffic restrictions to minimize impact on motorists

  • Welding process can be monitored by video for easy assessment at any time

  • Superior repair quality by using robots

  • Exchange damaged parts of the existing PE duct in a safe and efficient manner

  • Longitudinal and radial welds possible without putting operatives at risk

  • Creation of a PE duct with constant diameter is possible, which allows robotic inspection later for increased efficiency and safety


  • Additional Cableskin wrapping to prevent further damages at areas with old PE ducts

  • Damaged grouting below the duct can be filled with corrosion protection compound

  • Install a PE duct on existing ducts or replace damaged elements

  • Combination with rope access possible

  • Opened ducts can be inspected by certified inspectors

Qualified welder, certified by German Welding Society, guideline DVS 2212-1