Re-stressing of Cables

Adjustment of cable forces during service life of the bridge.

A broken sheathing, a non-functioning component, a damaged cable – we repair or exchange these parts without unnecessarily interfering in the operation of the structure. Every problem has a cutomized solution which we develop together with our client.

In case of very short strand elongation values or if the cable force needs to be adjusted, retensioning or releasing of the complete cable is possible by turning the ring nut. Special compact gradient jacks are available for this purpose. Gradient jacks may be moved fully assembled or disassembled into their main components so that they fit even through small openings.

Retensioning can also be done with light weight single strand jacks and stressing of strands one by one.

The same economic type of hydraulic pump can be used for both stressing systems. The pump is light, robust and has proven its reliability in many stay cable projects.

  • Depending on the system installed, increase or decrease of cable force can be done with different types of methods and equipment

  • Full service can be provided: from cable force assessment on site, engineering works, stressing records, delivery and operation of the stressing equipment up to conservation of anchorage after stressing works including detailed report of all works performed


  • Cable force assessment of all cables after restressing of cables

  • Installation of permanent monitoring system

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