Installation and Grouting Tools Supply

Expert Ground Anchor Installation and Tensioning Accessories.

Secure your structures with our professional ground anchor installation services. Our team of experienced engineers use the latest techniques and equipment to ensure that your anchors are installed correctly and to their full capacity, whilst freeing up your staff to undertake other activities. ​

We also supply a wide range of tensioning accessories to ensure that your anchors are tensioned safely and accurately, including:​

  • Tensioning chairs​

  • Calote plates for CFRP jacks​

  • Centring plates for CFRP jack​

  • Wedge plates for CFRP jacks​

  • Manometers​

  • Strand peeling tools​

  • Digital stroke transducers​

  • Tripods​

  • Injection​

Whether you're looking to stabilize a retaining wall, slope or building, we have the expertise and equipment to get the job done right.​

  • Ground anchors installed by experts for secure and stable structures, and complete peace of mind​

  • Increased efficiency on site by allowing your staff to undertake other activities​

  • High-quality equipment and techniques to ensure that the anchors are installed correctly and tensioned accurately for long-lasting results​

  • A wide range of tensioning accessories available for many different applications​

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Tank & Silos
Industrial Buildings