GFRP Soil Nails

Cuttable soil nails for use in urban applications or adjacent to tunnels.

The DYWIDAG GFRP Soil Nails are made of glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) bars. As a result, the soil nails are strong, lightweight, and cuttable without creating sparks. They are also more durable than steel as they do not corrode and are dimensional stable under thermal loading, so are useful for permanent installations where longevity is required. 

These properties make the DYWIDAG GFRP Soil Nails the solution of choice for tunnelling and intra-urban applications, as the nails are easily cut during subsequent works. They are also suitable for a range of different soil types.

  • Lightweight system ensures an easy application in challenging conditions

  • High tensile load-bearing capacity for demanding applications

  • Tough, durable, and safe to cut using mechanical excavators or shearers to minimize impact on subsequent works

  • Enhanced corrosion resistance and anti-static components for improved longevity compared to steel

  • Continuous rope thread allows for cutting to required length for easy on-site length adjustments

Main standards for steel nuances

APAC: Solid bar available in 20mm, 25mm, 32mm and 38mm diameters with minimum ultimate grade ranging [900MPa-1000MPa] - Hollow bar available  with minimum ultimate grade of 1000MPa.


  • 3 bar options: fully threaded solid GFRP bar, fully threaded GFRP hollow bar, fully threaded GFRP self-drilling hollow bar with single use drill bits

  • Superior design life achieved with steel components galvanization

  • Wide range of plates and nuts available, in GFRP or in steel when higher loads are requested

  • Steel couplers