Environmental Monitoring​

Environmental monitoring evaluations with added context provide greater insights.

DYWIDAG provide a full range of environmental services including the design and implementation of bespoke monitoring systems. These are built to be sustainable, remotely accessible and able to withstand even the harshest of environments.

Our versatility means that we are equipped and able to undertake sizeable projects and one-off monitoring episodes. Data is streamed and managed for our clients though our digital platform,

Our core instrumentation utilises automated remote controlled systems, includes: Vibration Monitors, Noise Level Recorders, Dust Monitors, Weather Stations, Pollution Monitors.

Our environmental monitoring solutions connect to and are remotely programmable via our cloud-based platform Infrastructure Intelligence.

  • Systems are designed bespoke, for projects

  • Remote and accessible options for ease of access

  • Works in conjunction with a wide range of core instrumentation

United Kingdom: Network Rail Product Approval Number: PA0S/05507

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