Bespoke steel arch support for the most challenging excavation geometries.

DYWIDAG TH-Profile Systems are an active support solution for excavations and are ideal when a 360° circular support is needed. The steel profiles are an efficient and safe ground control element for tunneling, where compressive ground conditions are present.

DYWIDAG TH-Profiles connect simply by sliding each component into another and using the locks to connect them securely. The profile joint design allows an optimal fit and thus ensures the quick and easy erection of the arch.

  • Simple to assemble using single overlapping segments, usually connected by two locks

  • Cold-bent to the corresponding excavation geometry to reduce additional deformation in service

  • Available in various application designs, from horseshoe to fully circular

  • Available in 2 types to suit the project requirements: AR (as rolled) and QT (quenched and tempered)


  • Alternative DYWIDAG TH-Profile locks are available on request

  • Additional parts such as straight beams, forepoling sheets, and steel lagging can also be fabricated on request