DYWIDAG Smart Temp CRT Monitor

COMING SOON: The DYWIDAG Smart Temp CRT - Transforming Rail Safety

Introducing the next generation DYWIDAG Smart Temp CRT monitor, your solution to rail safety and efficiency.

Engineered for real-time, actionable temperature data, it keeps operations ahead of weather impacts. Offering swift decision-making capabilities with Network Rail’s RADAR and DYWIDAG's Infrastructure Intelligence platforms, this device is pivotal in minimizing weather-related delays and costs. Discover the future of rail management—enhanced safety, reduced delays, and operational excellence.

Real-Time Data Delivery:

Real-time temperature data updates every 15 minutes or every time a defined temperature threshold is crossed. This enables timely, data-driven decisions that enhance rail safety by preventing weather-related delays and accidents.

Customisable Settings:

User configurable, allowing customisation of temperature thresholds. This means you can tailor performance to specific operational needs, ensuring efficiency and proactive management of track conditions.

Integrated Technology:

Seamlessly operates with Network Rail's RADAR and DYWIDAG's Infrastructure Intelligence. This ensures compatibility and enhances functionality within existing platforms, streamlining operational processes.

Rapid Attachment with GPS Positioning:

Offers easy installation and precise location tracking. This streamlines deployment and improves the accuracy of data for faster and more reliable decision-making.