DYWIDAG Smart Temp

Innovative automated critical rail temperature monitoring system.

DYWIDAG Smart Temp is a Network Rail approved automated critical rail temperature monitoring device. This innovative monitoring system is remotely programmable and provides continuous recording of critical rail temperature. The Smart Temp is a sustainable, cable free, compact, portable, and highly durable CRT system.

It is fitted to the rail foot in under 60 seconds via an easy-fit locking mechanism whilst an in-built solar panel provides power to recharge a 22Ah internal battery meaning it may never need re-charging once in the field.

DYWIDAG Smart Temp continuously records track temperatures from -55°C to +125oC and integration with DYWIDAG Infrastructure Intelligence provides for the sending of limit alarms to any number of recipients by SMS, email or direct communication via DYWIDAG’s customer support centre.

  • Continuous temperature measurement

  • Removes requirements to access track once installed

  • Compact and portable

  • Simple to install

  • Robust design for rail environment

  • Real time on-line presentation of data

  • Configurable alarm settings

  • Solar powered for long term deployment

United Kingdom: Network Rail Product Approval Number: PA05/05507