Strong, force-fit connection between reinforcement.

The DYWIDAG FLIMU Extruded Coupler Splice System is a mechanical splice which connects two reinforcing bars by means of extruding a coupler onto the reinforcing bars. An anchorage for normal rebars can be easily created with the FLIMU System using a GEWI Threadbar and its accessories.

The extrusion of the coupler takes place by pulling a reducing ring (die) over the coupler. Compared to the outer diameter of the coupler, the reducing ring has a smaller inner diameter. Thus, the soft and specially treated coupler material is pressed onto the ribs of the reinforcing bar during extrusion. This creates a force-fit connection between coupler and rebar.

For this cold deformation process, robust and handy extrusion equipment has been developed for rough construction conditions. General building authority approval has been granted for reinforcement bars between 12 to 32mm diameter.

  • Time-saving solution as bars do not have to be screwed, and preliminary work on the bars is not required

  • High-performance installation

  • Both threadbars and GEWl® reinforcing bars can be coupled for complete flexibility

  • Space-saving installation, which can also be used for multilayer reinforcement



Europe: Z-1.5.150 FLIMU-Verfahren​

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