DYWIDAG DYNA Force® System

Improved asset management and safety through remote, permanent monitoring of post-tensioned tendons.

The DYWIDAG DYNA Force® Monitoring System can be used for measuring the force exerted on bars, strands, and wires. It allows the permanent monitoring of post-tensioning forces in steel tendons.

Multiple readings of all sensors can be done from a central location with a single click or automatically, removing the need to physically visit site.

The force measuring technique is based on the elasto-magnetic properties of ferromagnetic materials and is carried out using DYNA Force® Sensors. The hollow cylinder monitoring sensors are available in different diameters to suit various bar and strand diameters.

  • Lifetime monitoring of the post-tensioning performance in structures

  • Quality products and support from the leading industry supplier

  • Easy connection with mobile devices by WiFi and (connect) download and control option from a remotely located laptop via WiFi or GSM connection

  • Sensors and source material (strand/bar) can either be calibrated on site or at the factory prior to shipping, to suit specifications

  • Force and temperature readings by sensor can be quickly read via the readout unit

  • Remote reading of multiple sensors, removing the need to physically visit site


  • DYNA Force System Components (Manual System for Single Anchors with Rechargeable Battery)

  • Smart Bar Anchor with DYNA Force Sensors

  • Smart Strand Anchor with DYNA Force Sensors

Industrial Buildings
Commercial & Residential Buildings
Tank & Silos