DYWIDAG Close-Knit Mesh System

Additional slope face support for finer materials

The DYWIDAG Close-Knit System is a flexible slope protection mesh which features smaller apertures within the mesh configuration, enabling increased density of coverage across the face. This is a passive mesh system used with DYWIDAG soil nails or DYWIDAG rock bolts.

The mesh offers a high level of corrosion resistance using Zn-Al with additional corrosion inhibitor for long-term durability in a range of different environments. Other options include stainless steel options for aggressive environments and an integrated erosion mat comprising non-woven monofilament fibres.

The chain-link configuration of the mesh enables fast installation and ensures the mesh follows the contour of the slope. The large roll width of 3.9 meters ensures large coverage per roll and less seams between each mesh panel.

  • 45mm aperture ensures smaller materials, such as stones, are better contained

  • High tensile strength of 1770N/mm² to reduce deformation and provide reliable performance

  • Knotted ends at vertical edges ensures full strength of the mesh is achieved across the full width of each panel

  • Excellent durability and corrosion resistance in a range of different environments

  • Large coverage based on standard roll sizes of 3,9 x 30 meters

  • Low visual impact (based on 2mm wire)

  • Lightweight system that is easy to handle in challenging conditions

  • •Available as open mesh or with integrated erosion mats


  • Mesh can be supplied with an integrated erosion mat comprising non-woven monofilament fibres.

  • Stainless steel (inox) option available for aggressive environments, eg. coastal protection works.

  • Range of bearing plates and spike plates, with angle compensation, available to suit different applications. 

  • Border ropes, shackles and turnbuckles available for use with the above meshes.

  • Mesh clips for seams and rope clips for border ropes are offered as standard.

Load capacity

Europe: Tensile strength longitudinal >= 53kN/m width, with 6,5% stiffness

UK: Tensile strength longitudinal >= 53kN/m width, with 6,5% stiffness

Industrial Buildings
Commercial & Residential Buildings