Ductile Connectors

For safe precast structures in areas of moderate and high seismic activity.

DYWIDAG Ductile Connectors (DDC) enable beam-columns joints and column-footing joints of totally precast structures to develop flexural capacity and hysteretic behaviour that is superior to monolithic connections. The required inelastic response of the connection is provided by the DDC steel elements at the beam-column interface. This allows the use of very high strength reinforcing bars in the beam, which eliminates steel congestion.

By using threaded connections, all the reinforcing steel bars and elements are made continuous through the beam-column joints, eliminating the risk of bond-slip failures. Vertical shear force transfer across the beam-column interface is guaranteed either by torqued high-strength threaded connections or passively provided by flexural induced friction.

DDC are manufactured from high-quality steel specifically selected for its excellent ductility and resistance to large strain reversals.

  • Particularly suited to applications where seismic activity is a concern, providing a more ductile response to cyclic loading for enhanced resilience to earthquakes and other types of cyclic loading

  • Improved safety and security by reducing the risk of structural failure due to excessive loading or other factors

  • Improved structural performance by reducing cracking, enhancing concrete durability and increasing load-carrying capacity

  • Enables cost savings by reducing the amount of reinforcement required

  • Easy to install and requires less preparation time, which can save time and reduce labor costs

  • A versatile solution for a wide range of structural applications, including beam-to-beam, beam-to-column, and slab-to-slab connections

North America: DYWIDAG Ductile Connectors are ICBO Approved.​

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