Cable Replacement

Extend the lifetime of your bridge.

Cables should have a service life of about 100 years. However, experience has shown that at some structures, the condition of some types of old stay cables does not fulfil the requirements on structural safety anymore and need to be exchanged.

DYWIDAG scope of works starts with inspection works of the old cables and feasibility studies for repair works, strengthening works or even cable replacement. We provide full engineering support from initial design up to the as built documentation of the replaced system. If required, standard stay cable systems can be adopted to make them fit into the existing structure. Old cables will be removed using safe working procedures and proven equipment, new cables will be installed with standard procedures after preparation of the old bearing plates.

  • Removal of old cables by de-stressing at the anchorage or controlled cutting and de-stressing within the free length of the cable

  • Preparation of the anchorage and transition zones at deck and pylon prior to installation of a new cable

  • Delivery and installation of a modern and durable stay cable including damping system and other optional features such as fire protection or monitoring


  • Possibility of re-stressing / de-stressing

  • Visual Inspection of wedges and strand withing and close to the critical wedge bite, hence detection of wire breaks within the anchorage

  • Check of cable forces prior to cable exchange

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