Strategic market entry into the wind power market in China

DYWIDAG-Systems International and Liuzhou OVM Machinery Co (OVM) sign a production joint venture and establish a sales joint venture between DYWIDAG-Systems International, OVM, Xinergy GmbH and EZ corp.

Nanning, China - May 3rd, 2018. DYWIDAG-Systems International signed a joint venture with Liuzhou OVM Machinery Co. to jointly manufacture tendons for the fast-growing wind power market in China. Based in Liuzhou, China, the new joint venture operates under the name of OVM-DYWIDAG Technology Co Ltd. and will serve the Chinese wind energy market with high-quality products for the post-tensioning of concrete and hybrid wind towers.

Concrete towers and what is known as hybrid towers are the best solution for wind towers with a hub height of more than 100 m for economic and technical reasons. Recognized and certified solutions in accordance with a European approval are an absolute must.

At the Liuzhou site, Wire EX Tendons by DYWIDAG-Systems International will be manufactured jointly in a new production facility starting at the end of 2018. By producing locally, we can offer our joint customers cost competitive solutions and logistical benefits.

To provide our wind customers with the widest possible product portfolio, all sales of products by DYWIDAG-Systems International and OVM such as internal bonded tendons and external tendons, Type Wire EX and EPC Tendons, will be coordinated by another newly founded sales joint venture.

Based in Shanghai, the new sales joint venture will operate under the name of DYWIDAG Engineering Technology Co Ltd., bringing together four strong partners with a huge experience in post-tensioning and the wind industry: DYWIDAG-Systems International, OVM, Xinergy GmbH and EZ corp.

The new sales joint venture will focus on the supply of internal and external tendons. In addition, DYWIDAG Engineering Technology Co Ltd. will offer its customers comprehensive services in planning, delivery and installation.