DYWIDAG-Systems International USA Inc. extends its strategic partnership with Gerdau Long Steel North America

On November 19th 2015, DYWIDAG-Systems International USA Inc. (DSI) and Gerdau Long Steel North America (Gerdau) signed a formal extension to the strategic partnership first entered into in January 2012 in Gerdau’s Tampa Florida headquarters.

This is more than a year in advance of the expiration of the first term of the partnership. It extends the strategic relationship in the North American civil construction market for the hot-rolled DYWIDAG THREADBAR® products domestically produced for DSI at the Gerdau steel mill in St. Paul, Minnesota into 2022.

This strategic relationship defines DSI as the exclusive route to this market for the THREADBAR® product line, which is the original THREADBAR® product introduced into North America in the 1970’s. In addition to an extension of term into 2022, the agreement expanded the territory covered and also the product range to now include the new line of Grade 100 THREADBAR® products and accessories.

Kerry Allen, DSI RCEO for Construction North America, commented: “This formal extension of our strategic partnership is the direct result of the benefits both companies have seen by working closely together. This is perhaps best demonstrated by the recent launch of the new line of the jointly developed GR100 THREADBAR® products which will target both geotechnical and reinforced concrete markets. GR100 is but one example of how DSI and Gerdau continue the close working relationship dating back to the 1970’s to best serve their customers, for what will now be 50 years with this extension. With many other product development and operational improvement projects in joint planning, the future is bright for the partnership, both our organizations and the customers we jointly serve.”