DYWIDAG-Systems International (DSI) announces Joint Venture with BRIDGECON INDIA

  • Strategic partnership for strengthening market presence in India

  • Successful start with first major contracts

DSI is pleased to announce the establishment of the Joint Venture company in India named DSI-BRIDGECON INDIA PRIVATE (LTD) consisting of the partners DSI and BRIDGECON INDIA, headquartered at New Delhi.

BRIDGECON has long-term vast experience in the design and construction of bridges, viaducts and flyovers. Due to its high class technical competence and strong market position, BRIDGECON INDIA is very active in India and the surrounding Asian countries.

BRIDGECON specializes in bridge construction technology such as precast segmental construction, incremental launching and cantilever construction. BRIDGECON INFRA CONSULTANTS, which forms part of the BRIDGECON Group companies, is a consulting company that provides construction engineering advice and support to owners, planners and major contractors in India with independent, experienced and knowledgeable engineers and techno-crats. Emphasis is placed on consulting services as well as the use of launching gantries and cantilever equipment for infrastructure projects.

Mr. R. K. Gupta, the owner and CEO of BRIDGECON Group of Companies, has assumed the additional responsibility of CEO for the new DSI-BRIDGECON Joint Venture. The new entity will primarily focus on the business areas of Stay Cable Technology, specialized high end Post-Tensioning and Geotechnics. Mr. Rajiv Pandey, who is appointed as Vice President of DSI-BRIDGECON, is responsible for the Geotechnical Systems business area.

The Joint Venture with BRIDGECON creates new synergies and business avenues for both companies. The extensive technical expertise and the Global experience of DSI, bundled with the long-term local experience and strong market position of BRIDGECON in India, will form a strong basis for intensifying market cultivation and jointly expanding the scope of services offered by JV Company.

We are pleased to report that, in the short time-span that has elapsed since its establishment, the new Joint Venture, DSI-BRIDGECON, has already been able to successfully acquire a total of five major bridge projects. The new joint venture DSI-BRIDGECON INDIA PRIVATE (LTD) will contribute to the construction of the following stay cable bridges: 

  • Yamuna Bridge, New Delhi

  • Mandovi Bridge, Panaji, Goa

  • Ganga Bridge, Ballia, Uttar Pradesh 

  • Basoli Bridge, Jammu

  • Kamla Park Bridge, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Hans Wlodkowski, RCEO for EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) and Asia at DSI comments: “BRIDGECON INDIA” is a strong partner with an excellent reputation in India. The formation of the joint enterprise strengthens our market position in this strategically important and dynamic economic region. We would like to warmly welcome all employees of DSI-BRIDGECON. For DSI, the Joint Venture is an important step in bolstering our local market presence in cooperation with BRIDGECON INDIA and for taking a targeted approach to new major projects“.