DYWIDAG Acquires Tensicon Oy, Expanding Reach in Scandinavia

DYWIDAG announced today the acquisition of Tensicon Oy, a specialty construction and engineering company based in Helsinki, Finland.

Unterschleissheim September 24th 2021, DYWIDAGannounced today the acquisition of Tensicon Oy, a specialty construction and engineering company based in Helsinki, Finland. This acquisition broadens and strengthens DYWIDAG’s post-tensioning and geotechnical portfolio in the Nordic markets and provides the opportunity to implement DYWIDAG’s digital strategy in Scandinavia. The transaction does not cause changes to Tensicon’s corporate structure or business model.

Tensicon was founded in the 1980s and operates today primarily in the Finnish infrastructure construction market. The company’s roots date back to 1956, when A-Betoni Oy was founded.  The company was family owned for several generations and brothers Jesse and Santeri Kinnunen will continue to manage the business following the DYWIDAG acquisition.

“We have successfully partnered with Tensicon under a license agreement since 1981,” said Matti Kuivalainen, CEO, DYWIDAG. “Our work together showed clear potential for a mutually beneficial deal to combine resources and expertise to modernize infrastructure management with digital processes.”

“We are happy to have as strong and committed owner as DYWIDAG to support our operations and growth. Tensicon has worked in deep co-operation with DYWIDAG for decades and we see this arrangement as a natural next step in our relationship. Our industry is evolving and changing rapidly. Being part of DYWIDAG group enables us to introduce new services and to serve our customers even better than before”, says CEO Jesse Kinnunen of Tensicon.


has an increasing impact on infrastructure, including smart anchors, sensors, monitoring, and structural behavior analysis. Decades of industry knowledge built up in DYWIDAG forms the strong fundament to develop and sell smart digital services. With this offering, DYWIDAG continues through sell to contractor chain while also moving closer to the designers and end customer.​


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