DSI Announces new Vision, Changes name to DYWIDAG

DSI has unveiled a new name and the first phase of a new website as part of an extensive forward focusing initiative.

DUBLIN, Jan 16, 2020—DYWIDAG SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL (DSI) announced a new logo and brand name. DSI will now be known as DYWIDAG. Returning to DYWIDAG highlights the roots and strong history that has helped lay the foundation for the direction of the business.

This rebrand reinforces the company’s vision: To make infrastructure safer, stronger, and smarter. DYWIDAG is combining an increasing amount of their traditional product systems with new smart technologies to support new and aging infrastructure in today’s increasingly demanding environment. Megacities, earthquakes, rising sea levels, and corrosive pollutants all contribute to a growing infrastructure crisis.

DYWIDAG Chairman Matthew Turner noted, “The world is getting smarter. We need to get smarter with the world. We need smart anchors, smart strands, and smart monitoring. We are purpose-made and set up to benefit from that.”

The logo is a redesign of the triangle shield used in DYWIDAG’s past. The triangles of the new logo are representative of the company’s global expertise and product systems working together.

As part of this narrowing focus, the Concrete Accessories business unit will be separately launched as DY.CO later in 2020. More will be announced at a later date.

From the first steel DYWIDAG introduced to reinforce a bridge in 1903 to railway sensors, DYWIDAG works with government authorities, asset owners, construction companies, and design offices to support their infrastructure projects. You’ll find DYWIDAG technology across a dozen sectors including bridges, slope stabilization, high rises, stadiums, wind towers, and dams.