Grouting of Post-tensioning Systems

Quick and dependable grouting services for peace of mind, with on-site training options

DYWIDAG's post-tensioning grouting service ensures the durability of post-tensioned construction, which is highly dependent on the success of the grouting operation. The hardened cement grout provides the bond between the concrete and prestressed steel, as well as providing the primary long-term corrosion protection for the prestressing steel. Grouting can be undertaken for both new installations and repair works.

The grout mixture, the mixing process, and the grouting process are subject to the highest structural engineering standards. The grouting process is carried out and documented by trained and certified DYWIDAG personnel.

DYWIDAG has developed grouting methods based on thixotropic and highly plasticized grout and utilizes durable grouting equipment to ensure the highest levels of quality. Advanced methods such as pressure grouting, post-grouting, and vacuum grouting are all results of many years of development.

The grouting process is always performed from a low point of the tendon, using either a grout cap with grout hose at one of the anchorages or an intermediate grout saddle along the tendon. All grouting components are threaded for easy, fast, and positive connection.

Alternatively, on-site training for the grouting of DYWIDAG and SUSPA post-tensioning systems is also available.

  • Efficient, economical, and versatile tendon grouting for many different grouting operations, including advanced methods such as pressure grouting, post-grouting, and vacuum grouting

  • Use of specialized equipment and materials for maximum durability

  • Ensures sufficient primary long-term corrosion protection for the prestressing steel

  • On-site training available for DYWIDAG and SUSPA post-tensioning systems for long-term cost savings

Grouting Equipment

Hydraulic pumps: Suitably optimized hydraulic pumps are available for the tensioning jacks. This allows fast and safe operation. The hydraulic pumps have up to three fittings, depending on the type of jack used, for gripping, power seating and runback. Oil flow rates of up to 22L/min can be achieved.

If required, hydraulic pumps are available with cable remote control, which makes it easy to choose a safe and optimal location for the pump, even at some distance from the stressing position. Optionally, cooling units for the oil can be set in-between to ensure the perfect operation temperature of the oil even in case of permanent use or very high outside temperatures.

Grout mixer with pump: The grouting operation is based on a highly plasticized and thixotropic grout. For this purpose, durable grouting equipment has been developed. Advanced methods such as pressure grouting, post-grouting and vacuum grouting are the result of many years of continuous development.

The SWIBO grouting and mixing unit has been approved by the German approval body. Besides the good mixing and grouting properties, the focus during the development was also on the transport properties. Hence, every mixing and grouting unit of this type is fitted on a trailer chassis and is licensed according to the road traffic regulations.

The MP series is designed to be compact while maintaining high performance. The maximum pumping capacity is 4,000 l/h (MP 4000-2) with a mixing drum capacity of 100L.

Vacuum grouting devices: Vacuum grouting devices are used for the repair of tendons. By using the corresponding volume measuring system, the first step is to determine the volume of the defective sections. Subsequently, grouting is carried out. Grout is injected into the void and the amount of injected grout is measured. Finally, the grout volume is compared with the previously measured void volume to check whether the voids have been completely filled.

Europe/ Asia/ Latin America: Cementitious grout in accordance with EN 447

North America: Level 1 and Level 2 certification from Post Tensioning Institute.

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