Meshes protect slopes and environments—and prevent rockfall.

DYWIDAG meshes are used with soil nails to protect slopes and with rock bolts as drape meshes. 

Meshes are used in

  • Slope protection

  • Environmental protection

  • Rockfall prevention

How they work

The characteristics of the wire and the geometry of DYWIDAG meshes enable loads to be carried with minimal strain or elongation.

The reduced strain characteristics of DYWIDAG mesh allow facing systems to spread load efficiently between rock bolts or soil nails.

The additional strength offered by high-tensile-strength steel means DYWIDAG meshes contain less steel per square meter than the mild steel alternative.


  • Flexible mesh to follow contours of the face

  • High-tensile steel wire

  • Diamond grid format

  • Range of protection coatings

  • Integrated erosion mat options

  • Used in conjunction with soil nail and rockbolts

Slope Stabilization

The TEC mesh product range provides efficient ideal load transfer over the entire system. The simple time-saving clip system, roll sizes and spike plates allow for rapid deployment and installation, lateral and vertical connection, and a comprehensive facing solution.
The GREEN mesh product range includes specific products for weathered rock or soil retention. These meshes incorporate a 3D polypropylene erosion control mat into the high-tensile steel wire mesh.