Our engineers provide a range of restoration and rehabilitation services to repair and strengthen civil structures, like bridges and buildings 

We can retrofit and upgrade structures with post-tensioning systems, reinforce existing carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP), replace damaged stay cables and external tendons, and provide corrosion protection. 

Commercial & Industrial


Stadiums & Arenas


Silos & Tanks

Wind Towers

Arch Bridges

Cable-stayed Bridges

Cast-in-place Method

Extradosed Bridges

Pre-cast Method

Nuclear Power

SUSPA Wire EX is a versatile fully prefabricated external prestressing system that provides a wide range of prestressing force.  
DYWIDAG provide the repair, rehabilitation or retrofiting of multistrand tendons on cable-stay and cable-hanger bridges with a robotic cable wrapping application of Cableskin butyl rubber tape.
In situations where conventional strengthening systems such as external post tensioning, section enlargement or general repairs will not provide the necessary support, Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) systems can often be the solution.
Services include (CFRB) Carbon fiber strengthening external post-tensioning