The GEWl® System has been developed and optimized over time. 

A large range of products is now available for almost any kind of application, including:

How the GEWI systems work

The coarse and extremely robust GEWl® Thread means that GEWl® Threadbars and nuts are designed for on-site use—and work, even when extremely dirty. 

The steel grade is the same as B500B reinforcing steels and bars can be cut and bent to standard reinforcement shape codes.

The rolled-on thread on both sides of the hot-rolled threadbar forms a left-hand thread along the entire bar length—providing excellent connecting reinforcement on challenging job sites.  The GEWl® System offers distinct advantages in heavily reinforced structural elements where the distances between individual reinforcing bars can be problematic. It also achieves excellent results in the end anchorage area.

The anchor lengths of reinforcing bars can be reduced to a minimum using anchor pieces and plate anchorages—significantly reducing the amount of steel and concrete needed. A swaged rebar connector coupler is available for dynamic loadings.



  • Hot rolled threadbar 

  • Steel grade same as B 500 reinforcing steels 

  • Swaged rebar connector coupler system for dynamic loadings 

  • Cut and bent to standard reinforcement shape codes 

High Reinforcement

  • High grade steel (670 / 800 MPa) 

  • Hot rolled threadbar  

  • Righthand thread with thread pitch of d/3  

  • Couplers and nuts to suit 

Commercial & Industrial


Stadiums & Arenas


Nuclear Power

Silos & Tanks


Wind Towers

Transmission Line Towers


Pre-cast Method

Cast-in-place Method

Cable-stayed Bridges

Extradosed Bridges

Arch Bridges

Tunnels Using Cut-and-cover Method

Inner Shells of Tunnels

Immersed Tunnels

Building Foundations, Piling, Underpinning

Slope Stabilization

Harbors and Docks

Reinforcement Accessories include coupler, GEWI Accessories and Rebar Connector.
GEWI-Plus high strength reinforcement reduces the reinforcement density of conventional grade 500 reinforcement in structural applications and replaces it with high strength GEWI-Plus (grade 670) reinforcement. 
DYWIDAG Ductile Connectors (DDC) makes it possible to build safe, totally precast structures in areas of moderate and high seismicity.