Infrastructure Intelligence

Industry advancement? Smart’s here.

A smart, data-driven approach

DYWIDAG Infrastructure Intelligence simplifies the long-term lifespan management of critical infrastructure.

Validation made simple

Cloud-based remote monitoring delivers complex engineering data, powering digital twins in near real-time.

Why Infrastructure Intelligence?

  • Clear alert notifications and an escalating alarm system 

  • Personalized stakeholder views of data

  • Use DYWIDAG—or third-party sensors 

  • Track and measure temperature, weather, impact—and movement changes 

  • Identify issues at speed for better budget planning

Quantifiable, actionable information

Infrastructure Intelligence provides vital asset health data to the right person—or the right software—in the right format, at the right time.

Introducing DYWIDAG smart technologies

We’re digitizing our traditional geotechnical and post-tensioning technologies. Over the coming years, we'll be launching smart products to provide data to the DYWIDAG Infrastructure Intelligence platform—an easier approach to long-term infrastructure management.

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Arch Bridges

Building Foundations, Piling, Underpinning

Cable-stayed Bridges

Cast-in-place Method

Commercial & Industrial

Extradosed Bridges

Harbors and Docks



Immersed Tunnels

Inner Shells of Tunnels


Noise & Vibration

Nuclear Power

Offshore Platforms



Pre-cast Method

Retaining Structures, Shoring, Excavations

Silos & Tanks

Slope Stabilization

Stadiums & Arenas

Transmission Line Towers


Tunnels Using Cut-and-cover Method

Uplift Restraint


Wind Towers