Execution Support

Besides the well-known technologies, DYWIDAG provides for all phases within the lifecycle major support for execution and operation. 

Commercial & Industrial



Nuclear Power

Tunnels Using Cut-and-cover Method


Building Foundations, Piling, Underpinning

Uplift Restraint

Retaining Structures, Shoring, Excavations

Slope Stabilization

Harbors and Docks

Jacks need to be calibrated regularly, in most cases every 6 months. DYWIDAG is providing these calibration services according to all relevant standards. Additionally, all necessary repair and maintenance works are offered.
DYWIDAG can support you in the stressing of post-tensioning jacks, carbon fiber reinforced hollow-piston (CFRP) cylinders, torquing equipment, as well as hydraulic pumps, wedge plates, reset plates, chairs, and centering disks.
DYWIDAG can provide a wide range of tools to support on-site geotechnical installations such as:  
DYWIDAG offers a wide range of services for your reinforcement installation such as:
DYWIDAG’s Design & Build for slab post-tensioning offers cost-savings when compared with reinforced concrete slabs, due to reductions in the slab thickness.
Our lab-tested post-tensioning tendon and cable systems are installed by certified and trained professionals who also supply calibrated installation and stressing equipment. 
DYWIDAG offers a wide range of services for your post-tensioned structures all along their life-cycle, such as: