Harbors and ports are built on concrete or steel legs, founded directly onto the seabed or on a gravity foundation. Such platforms are designed for very long term use resisting the extreme aggressive conditions of the oceanic climate.

DYWIDAG has supplied geotechnical products for anchoring offshore platforms, as well as for harbors and dockyards—and has experience with tendons for gravity foundations. We have developed special cable systems for floating platforms.

Offshore platforms designed and built to withstand the ocean environment

DYWIDAG has supplied a range of post-tensioning systems for concrete platforms and storage tanks offshore.

Active restraint supports heavily-laden harbor walls and dockyards

Tie rods and ground anchors with double corrosion protection provide the often heavily-laden infrastructure of harbor walls and dockyards with active restraint.

Installation can be carried out via overreach from the harbor wall or from the face, using a temporary platform or barge.