Environmental monitoring evaluations with added context provide greater insights

Construction companies are legally required to operate their sites in a way that’s safe, that minimizes disruption—and that avoids inconveniencing local residents, businesses, and the wider local community.

Mandated monitoring

Many of the complaints that construction site managers receive are related to the levels of noise, dust, and vibration generated by on-site operations during building works—and experienced by people in the local area. As a result, environmental monitoring is increasingly mandated as a part of granting permits—which can be site and/or application specific.

A project-specific approach 

To make sure your site complies with all relevant legislation and planning conditions, we’ll work with you to deliver a project-specific, cost-effective way to monitor and record the impact of noise, dust and vibration from your project to make sure you:

  • Comply with planning conditions

  • Can prevent or help resolve complaints from local residents and or businesses

  • Are protected against claims

Sector-specific monitoring

We know that specific sectors have specialist monitoring needs. To add context to results—and provide greater insights during data evaluations, our engineers can combine environmental monitoring systems with a more focused geotechnical and structural measurement system.

The right product for the job

We work with a wide range of monitoring products from different manufacturers—and our engineers will recommend the most cost-effective and appropriate package to meet your project’s needs. Whether you’re protecting health and property from damage, evaluating failure mechanisms, or increasing construction efficiency through fact-based decision-making.

And, with access to a wide range of products, our engineers can also combine different sensing systems and monitoring units—and modify power options, stands, and mounting brackets over standard specifications to meet your precise needs.

Dust monitoring provision for the demolition and construction sectors

We provide dust monitoring solutions for the demolition and construction sectors, ensuring airborne particulate concentrations are captured, measured, and reported.

Dust monitoring is often combined with noise and vibration systems to provide a single monitoring station for construction or demolition sites.

Surveillance, monitoring, and measurement for water depth, flow, and pressure

We use specialist instrumentation and data gathering systems to provide options for the measurement of water depths, flow rates, and pressures.

These monitoring systems can be used to add context to other engineering observations, provide tidal, flood plain and river level surveillance and control flood prevention devices or sluice gate systems.

Semi and fully-automated noise, sound level, and vibration monitoring systems

To ensure compliance with local authority obligations and protect contractors from unscrupulous claims, we combine our semi and fully-automated noise, sound level, and vibration monitoring systems with recording systems—and our 24/7 online data presentation package.

For specialist vibration monitoring applications, we combine the most appropriate accelerometer sensors with our recording and data analysis tools—controlling field activities, providing evidence of compliance, and ensuring real-time surveillance of sensitive structures.

Measure vibration and air overpressure from blasts and mineral extraction

We provide equipment and expertise for measuring vibration and air overpressure results from blasts and mineral extraction.

Options can be as simple as portable handheld devices to more complex fully-automated event capture and reporting—with advanced software providing detailed analysis of event data without altering the original event file.