Threadbar Systems used on the new Guaíba Bridge

The New Guaíba Bridge was inaugurated in 2020, Porto Alegre (RS) – Brazil. The 2,9 km long Bridge was constructed using the balanced cantilever method and consists of segmental box girders.


The bridge counts with two traffic lanes and a shoulder lane in each direction. The main central span of the bridge is 28 meters wide, allowing plenty of room for the traffic along the river.

The new Guaíba Bridge is 2.9 km longer bridge and 3 times taller (highest mark is at 40m height) than the old bridge. This was only possible with prestressed pylons as part of structure.


  • DYWIDAG supplied this project with Threadbar systems, including DYWIDAG Threadbar Ø 32 mm, Ø 36 mm and Ø 47 mm and accessories.


The DYWIDAG Threadbars Ø 32 mm were used to extend the bridge deck, when the DYWIDAG Treadbars Ø 36 mm and Ø 47 mm were applied vertically in the columns. DYWIDAG also used its Threadbars to lift segmental box girders to its final position.

Strand Anchorage Systems were also used in the cantilever precast segmental elements.

The governing body, DNIT, estimates the crossing of 50,000 vehicles per day on the new bridge, reducing the congestions on the old Guaíba Bridge.


DNIT Departamento Nacional de Infraestrutura de Transportes, Brazil