Tension Piles Used in the Base Slab of a Building in a Land Reclamation Area

The West Spanish seaport of Vigo located on the Atlantic coast not only accommodates one of Europe’s most important fishing harbors, but also a major commercial harbor. The administrative authority of the freeport decided to build a large shopping center in the harbor area to increase the port’s appeal to the large number of tourists visiting Vigo every year.

The particular nature of the foundation soil located in a land reclamation area in the harbor posed a major technical challenge for this project. The land was reclaimed using a mixture of sand and thixotropic materials. In addition, the tides significantly impair the soil’s strength.

Therefore, the large bottom slab of the shopping center had to meet the extreme prevailing loads. Double corrosion protected GEWI®Plus Piles were used to anchor the bottom slab and to counter hydraulic uplift.

The well proven GEWI® System is predestined for use under difficult framework conditions such as the compression and tension loads on this project.

DSC Spain supplied a total of 202 GEWI® Piles in varying lengths from 4 m to 12 m.


Consorcio Zona Franca de Vigo, Spain