Soil Nails secure a slope on one of the nicest View of the Pacific Ocean in Long Beach

In order to stabilize the bluff which gave its name to the Bluff park, and to eliminate potential risks of collapse or earthquake-triggered landslides, the bluff was stabilized by a soil nail wall with a shotcrete facing.


Bluff Park is located directly on the Pacific Ocean and is one of the most beautiful parks in Long Beach, California. The park is named after a bluff that forms part of the park and that had previously been damaged by erosion.


Soil Nailing is a very fast and economic earth retention system. DYWIDAG has long been a pioneer in the use of DYWIDAG Soil Nails for reinforcing embankments and slopes. Soil nail systems can be installed top-down using very light construction equipment. Furthermore, they are characterized by their simple components and trouble-free assembly and are very easy to install and test.

To stabilize the steep bank in Bluff Park, DYWIDAG supplied a total of 1,670 9.4m (30.75ft) double corrosion protected 25mm Ø, Grade 75 DYWIDAG Soil Nails as well as 25 4.5m (14.75ft) long DYWIDAG Soil Nails.

The soil nails were installed with a standard horizontal drill rig using an air flush system to remove soil from the holes. To stabilize the facing, two layers of welded wire mesh were installed which were fastened using rebar and shotcrete.


Long Beach City Council, USA

Kleinfelder, USA

Drill Tech Drilling and Shoring Inc., USA