Preventing Traffic Jams with DYWIDAG Tendons and GEWI® Piles

The difficulty in this project section was in the tight construction schedule for Y19 bridge. In order to carry out tensioning work quickly, DYWIDAG-Systems International had to install 116 wedge plates in only 1.5 days.


The Rotterdamsebaan is a new city highway in The Hague, Netherlands that will connect the A4 and A13 motorways with The Hague’s city ring road. When completed, the traffic congestion that forms daily on Utrechtsebaan will be minimized and the neighboring residential areas will be relieved from through traffic.

The 4km long new road begins at the Ypenburg motorway interchange and runs through a tunnel in the Voorburg area.


Within the scope of this project, two new structures had to be built: bridges Y18 and Y19. For the Y18 structure, DYWIDAG supplied 46 Type 22-0.62“, 27m long DYWIDAG Strand Tendons with Type MA 6822 Anchorages. For post-tensioning the Y19 bridge, 58 DYWIDAG Strand Tendons of the same type and in the same lengths were used.


In the area of the new tunnel, 1,645 GEWI® Piles with anchor heads were used that had a total weight of 976t. The requested speed of installation represented a special challenge considering the great variance in soil conditions and the limited space on site.

Based on tests that were conducted prior to project execution, suitable working methods were chosen for installing the piles. The fastest installation method in which the temporary casings of the piles are installed using resonance techniques could only be used in the shallow parts of the tunnel. The majority of the piles were therefore installed with traditional drilling techniques.

The customer was very pleased with the quality provided by DYWIDAG in all areas – from the offer and preparation to project execution and the supply of the necessary documentation.

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