Innovative DYWIDAG Solutions Secure the Port of Middlesbrough’s Future

When an existing quay wall required urgent replacement, innovative design solutions were required. With DYWIDAG’s Marine Tie Bars, close collaboration with the designers, and a clever land-based methodology, TMS Maritime Ltd successfully delivered the project within the client’s budget while showcasing their maritime expertise and in-house piling capabilities.


The Port of Middlesbrough, an AV Dawson Facility, faced a critical issue when a section of its quay wall suffered partial failure due to increased dredge depth and quay loading. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the port appointed TMS Maritime Ltd (TMS) as the Principal Contractor to replace the failed section, given their specialist maritime experience and in-house piling capabilities.

In order to identify and select the most effective and cost-efficient solutions for this project, TMS collaborated closely with both temporary and permanent works designers. The team conducted a thorough assessment of the site and evaluated various methods to address the challenges presented by the quay wall’s partial failure. DYWIDAG Marine Tie Bars were specified early on in the design process as a key component for the new quay wall, as part of a comprehensive and robust plan that would not only address the immediate issue but also ensure the long-term stability and resilience of the wall.

Throughout the planning phase, TMS leveraged their extensive knowledge and experience with DYWIDAG Tie Bars, praising the ‘cut and couple’ system for its adaptability and effectiveness in addressing project-specific modifications. This familiarity with the product, combined with the close collaboration between TMS and the designers, allowed the team to identify several innovative design solutions for the project, including a unique plate anchorage design between the tie rods and the CHS piles.


The DYWIDAG Marine Tie Bars played a crucial role in the quay wall replacement works. These high-quality tie bars were specifically chosen as they would provide reliable support for the future operational loading on the quayside. However, their adaptability was another deciding factor, which was demonstrated through the unique plate anchorage design between the tie rods and the CHS piles. This innovative solution not only offered enhanced structural support for the quay wall but also resulted in significant cost savings for the client, who praised it for its cost-saving and engineering excellence.

The ‘cut and couple’ system of the DYWIDAG Tie Bars proved to be invaluable for TMS, as it allowed them to make slight modifications as needed throughout the project. This flexibility contributed to the overall efficiency of the project, enabling TMS to adapt to unforeseen circumstances and keep the project on schedule.

Furthermore, by working closely with both temporary and permanent works designers, TMS was able to create a land-based methodology that utilized a 280-ton crane to support the works. This approach eliminated the need for expensive marine jack-up barges, allowing the project to be delivered within the client’s tight budget while maintaining high-quality standards.

The DYWIDAG solutions employed in this project provided significant benefits to both the contractor and the client, highlighting their effectiveness and adaptability. By utilizing these advanced technologies and engineering practices, TMS was able to deliver a robust and resilient quay wall that ensures the long-term stability and operational efficiency of the port facility.


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